Leather-Bound Contemplation No.7

The other day, I was talking to God about peace. Some people may scoff at me for saying that I talked to God. And I could write for pages in defense of the legitimacy of talking to our Father, and maybe someday I will write those pages. For right now, however, let’s just say that when God talks to me, the skies don’t usually open, and I usually don’t hear audible words. Usually when He speaks, it’s with emotion, peace and a voice so close, quiet and familiar, that it could almost be my own thoughts.

On this particular day He spoke to me about peace. He showed me, in my mind, a picture of a pond, the water was tossing and splashing about like crazy and then I saw a small stone drop into the middle of the pond. It was instantly lost in the turbulence of the water. Then the picture changed. I saw the same pond, only this time it was completely serene. There were no ripples, no disturbances whatsoever. And then I saw the same small stone fall into the middle of the pond. This time the effects were different. Instead of the pebble instantly being lost in the chaos, upon its impact it sent ripples to every corner of the pond.

When we too worried about being productive, effective and disciplined, all of which are good things, we often lose sight of peace. We become like the first pond, too consumed with self-improvement to hear what He is saying to us. We fall so madly in love with the idea of love and relationship that we miss the actual thing.

But, peace.

When we let go of trying and hold onto love, when we relinquish our own pitiful self-effort and accept His timing and completion; we position ourselves for true growth. Only then can we receive all the things that we were so madly chasing. When we become like the still quiet waters, his voice will send impact to every corner of our personhood.

Don’t be shaken by circumstance. Don’t be deterred by thoughts of insignificance.

Sorry, Mind, but you listen to me. Sorry, Circumstance, but this time I’ve won.

Peace is the starting point for hearing His voice. And that, my good man, is the starting point for everything else in life.

Not only is peace the most enjoyable way to live, it is also the most effective.

What do you think?

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