Leather-Bound Contemplation No. 8

I could quit if I wanted. Like, if I really had to.

We’ve all said it. Maybe it wasn’t about a needle, but we’ve all been there. We’ve all had that moment when our actions don’t line up with our conscious desires. That moment of honest desperation when we realize that we have lost control of ourselves and handed the reigns to our addiction.

Addiction does not always look like a crack den or demented desires. In fact, it nearly always presents itself in much more innocent garb. Because the fact of the matter is, a good many of us have never felt the sting of a needle, or the rush of draining bottles, or the sickening thrill of chasing women. Many natives of suburbia, or wards of the prep school, myself not excluded, have to face other forms of the same animal.

Regardless of age, race, IQ and system of belief, we all have it; that insatiable hunger. The maddening desire for something that will alter our perception, so that for a brief moment we will lose ourselves in whatever it is we are doing with no thought to consequences. For a fleeting moment, an addict will do anything to get a fix with no thought to those around them.

We can either admit it, or we can lie to ourselves until we believe otherwise, but we’re all addicted to something. And for all our talk of reformation we still put more effort into maintaining our bad habits than we do into breaking them.

What I’m about to suggest is something that I believe with all of my heart, and in time my mind will learn to agree. We are not supposed to break bad habits; we are supposed to replace them with good habits. We were never meant to resist our addictions were meant to choose them wisely.

Addicted to porn? Odds are it’s because you’ve never tried the good stuff. Purity. Trust me, one hit and you’ll be hooked for life. Craving that cloudy feeling that happens two drinks past your limit? One breath of that icy clarity that comes when you’re face to face with Him and I promise you will crave nothing else.

Don’t fight what you weren’t supposed to face. Choose the One you were never supposed resist.

Hi, my name is Nate, and I’m an addict.

What do you think?

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