Leather-Bound Contemplation No. 6

Music is indeed an interesting dimension of our world, is it not? It’s incredible to me how sometimes we can hear a song and relate on such a deep emotional and spiritual level to the lyrics. It’s like the song is a living, breathing thing that interacts with our heart in a way that almost seems to bypass our intellect. It is as if the song has emotions that we can relate to on a human level.

What if I told you that it is not a song that you are relating to? It is not a beat and compilation of words that inherently has emotion that speaks to your heart.


It is so much more. You see, the lyrics to that song only carry what emotions the author of the song gives to it.

When an artist tears open his soul and lets lyrics bleed onto a page, we can feel it. The song just becomes an extension of the artist who created it. And when we hear the song we connect heart to heart, spirit to spirit with the artist.

When an artist writes with his mind, we connect with his mind. We hear the cleverness in their formulation of lines and the song makes sense to us. But when an artist writes with his heart, we feel his heart. In a way, we can connect with their pain, confusion, their hope and joy and in turn we feel like we can share the load of our own pain and confusion with the song.

Music is a spiritual experience.

Just not in a weird new age way; nor is it in a pious religious sense. The truth of the matter is, we were created to create. We were meant to pour ourselves out in artistic expression. We are supposed to extend our heart and emotion beyond our physical body. We were meant to interact with the lyrics of an others soul.

The reason being that this is how we came about. This is how we started. This is how He created us.

He tore Himself open and poured out His heart, His emotion, His spirit. We were created in his image. I don’t take that to mean that God is a 6’2” white man with a beard. It means that He lives, loves, feels thinks and recreates Himself in His art; and we were meant to do the same.

In the same way that you can share in the pain of an artist through his song, He can share in your pain through the artful expression that is all of yourself. It’s natural. It’s supernatural. We are here for His pleasure, and Him for ours.

So next time that you lose yourself in the enjoyment of a beautifully written song, know that He is losing Himself in the enjoyment of you.

What do you think?

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