Leather-Bound Contemplation No.2

Have you ever been going about your normal life but then, out of nowhere, you see a picture, or hear the line of a song, or you hear someone say something that hits you like a giant snowball of hope? Have you experienced the feeling of irrational optimism, or drank in a moment of exhilarating expectancy?

Sometimes art, or cleverly disguised truth has a way of inciting these feelings in us. It makes no sense to us. But that is simply because art is not intellect, and truth is more than fact. Truth is spirit. Art is soul. And Hope.


Hope is a person. And sometimes, through an artful picture, or song gliding through the room, or words sailing off a page we can glimpse His face. Then we feel it; the intoxication of furious hope.

As momentary as it is, it can change your entire existence. Hope is life. Hope is your closest friend. Learn His name. Remember His face.

“The Hope of Glory” Colossians 1:27

What do you think?

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