About the Artist

I am a young, intelligent Lover of Christ.  My name is Nathaniel Nielsen Burbury, though most people just call me Nate.  I am a musician.  Also, I love coffee and conversation, usually together but they are fine separately as well.

I write mainly for myself but my hope is that these words can help you in reading them just as much as they helped me in writing them.  Some of my favorite authors are C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling and Donald Miller though my favorite novel is “The Book Thief” By Marcus Zusak.  I’ve never seen the movie.  I don’t ever plan to.  Some things can only be related through words and the vastness of your imagination.

This blog is simply my platform to share my contemplations with the world.  My promise to you is that my thoughts will always be served raw and my words prepared to perfection.  It is not my intention to convince nor to offend, only to inspire you to find for yourself the truth about the reality in which you live.

Instagram: Nateburbury

Email: nathanielburbury95@gmail.com

One thought on “About the Artist

  1. I am so thrilled to find your blog. What a Christ-like man you have become. Please know I have been praying for you since the loss of your mom. She was a beautiful person inside and out.
    Cindi Kellum

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